Online apparel marketplace Zaffori ties up with UPS

A quick and safe delivery of its products is essential to any online business. That is precisely why the new online store Zaffori is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a great customer experience for the delivery of its clothing products.

A first-of-its-kind, Zaffori is a high-end apparel marketplace which provides a unique opportunity to shop customized clothing from some of the top fashion designers in the world. Every product purchased through the online marketplace is one-of-a-kind due to its tailor-made approach.

This makes Zaffori a premier platform in high-end fashion which caters personally to an individual with uniquely customized designer wear. It also offers free storage space for designers at its fulfillment center in New York, allowing them to have an immediate presence in the US market.

The firm has partnered with the world leader UPS to make the shipping process easier and efficient for the customer. Zaffori offers free shipping and delivery and free pick up for returns, in which its customers don’t even require to go to a physical UPS store.

This partnership helps build confidence among buyers as UPS is extremely reliable. It is one of the most trusted shipping companies worldwide and is known for its outstanding reputation. It is known to be quick, efficient, and accessible if help or assistance is required.

So what is the average time period customers can expect for delivery? According to Zaffori, once the product reaches its fulfillment center, it undergoes a quality control check. After this step, the product is shipped to the customer, which usually takes around three to five business days. All products are insured by Zaffori.