Sonya Sharma’s music album ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ receives appreciation and emerges a success

Singer-composer-songwriter Sonya Sharma’s recently released 9-track music album ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ has been receiving remarkable appreciation from critics and music aficionados alike. The album captures different facets of love and emotions through its soulful compositions and meaningful lyrics.

Released just over two weeks ago, ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ has already accumulated praise across various music platforms. Popular tracks like ‘Dil Jo Kahe Tera’ and ‘Dil Mera Kya Kehne Laga’ have especially struck a chord with the listeners. Music critics have praised Sonya’s versatility as a composer and her ability to emote beautifully through her voice.

Recently, she officially released the album at a grand Diwali event at Marvel Stadium Square in Melbourne, Australia.


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“It is overwhelming and truly humbling to receive such an encouraging response for my passion project,” says an elated Sonya. “My aim was to produce music that can speak to the hearts of many and convey that love takes varied forms – be it for one’s dreams, family or community. I am glad the message has resonated beautifully with my listeners,” she adds.

Those aware of Sonya’s journey know that she has been a doctor before she decided to pursue music too. Her family, including her husband and daughter, have been strong pillars of support and strength for her.

‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ stands testament to Sonya’s unwavering commitment towards her craft. The album sensitively explores the rollercoaster ride of emotions that make up love and life. Sonya has not only lent her voice to the tracks, but has written the soulful lyrics and composed the music – demonstrating her versatility as a complete artist.

Her new music video of the song titled “Badlav” (change) has just gone up on YouTube and is garnering appreciation by listeners:

As Sonya’s music continues to captivate audiences and gather admirers, ‘Safar – Ek Dil Ka’ undeniably stands as a testament to her artistry, resonating with universal human emotions and striking all the right notes.