How to manage your sweet tooth with spices?

Consuming sugar in large quantities poses a lot of health issues! Consumption of refined sugar increases the risk of inflammation, diabetes, cancer, obesity and cellular ageing. However, sudden removal of sugar from the diet might cause problems like cramps, low moods, fatigue, headaches etc.

There are some healthy spices available in your kitchen which might help in reducing the sweet cravings to a healthy level. These spices have an anti inflammatory effect and insulin managing properties.

So let’s checkout some kitchen spices which will help you in controlling your sweet tooth.

Black pepper

Black pepper has piperine in black pepper which improved health because if its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Sumac helps in controlling and reducing inflammation in multiple ways.


Turmeric has tons of benefits associated with it. The curcumin present in the spice helps in curbing information and insures gut health.


It is used in desserts and tea. It can help significantly in avoiding sugar.

Cloves help in improving insulin sensitivity.


It helps in reducing information and boosts healthy bugs of the gut.


Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and it also improves insulin signalling.