Alternatives for tomatoes: A budget friendly guide for tomato price hike

Everyone is fed up of the rising tomato prices! Tomato is something which is extensively being used in the Indian households. From salads to curries to smoothies, tomato has its place everywhere in the Indian cuisine.

In this article, we’ll discuss about some alternatives of tomato which in terms of taste and colour stand in for tomatoes.

Red bell pepper

These are one of the excellent choices in lieu of tomatoes. You can use them in sandwiches and salads and they also give a similar colour and texture after being cooked.


Pumpkins are considered to be the finest low cost option for tomatoes specially in puree form. They’re not only lower in cost but also give the same taste because of the natural sweetness and creamy texture.


Curd is also a great alternative to tomato while preparing Indian style curries requiring a tomato base. It gives the curry the required thickness and appropriate amount of tanginess.


To give your dish a sour and tangy flavour, vinegar is a better replacement for tomatoes. Apple cider vinegar’s anti bacterial characteristics enhance immunity and help in battling with the intestinal infection and diarrhea, ensuring a healthy digestion.

Tomato ketchup

Tomato ketchup works out finely in some dishes because it has a sweet flavour and works well as a substitute for tomato puree in meals.